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Frequently Asked Questions

Barnhill Primary FAQ's

School opening and closing times


School Dinners

School Dinners are free for P1-5 and cost £2.10 per day for P6-7. Please follow the link to Parent Pay if you do not already have an account.  Children make a choice of RED, BLUE  or ORANGE  lunch in the morning, in order that they can have the dinner of their choice. Dinners can be ordered from home up to 4 weeks in advance on Parent Pay.  Menus are updated regularly by Tayside Contracts.

Barnhill Uniform


white polo shirt/shirt and tie

school sweatshirt/grey jumper

grey trousers/grey shorts

black school shoes

green school jacket/school blazer

black school shoes


white blouse and tie/white polo shirt

grey skirt/pinafore

green and white checked summer dress

green school jacket/school blazer

black school shoes